Photographer Collaboration with other Businesses

Photographers Why Should you Collaborate with

Other Businesses?

Two heads are better than one!

Well, collaborating with another local business mind let’s you work together with your clients to cross refer, connect, build new partnerships with other creatives and reach a larger audience together. This can be such a fun way for photographers who frequently work solo to network and communicate with other local business owners on a regular basis, be a part of the community, and feel and be connected locally to you market.

Think outside your industry…

Photographers might naturally look to florists, caterers, venue owners for first collaboration partners, but don’t forget to get creative. Newborn photographers might look to OB/GYN offices, Senior photographers to Orthodontists, or Glamour photographers to Make-up artists.

Some collaboration ideas

– Shoot an event to drive traffic to your website. This might be a local charity event you shoot for annually, or an event that reaches your target market. For example, Senior photographers could shoot a high school prom or sports event and send those teens to your blog to retrieve or just look at all the images from the night.

– Volunteer to do some promotional images for another local business, a boutique, spa, salon, or even a business way outside your market, a local restaurant, coffee shop, or industry.

– Offer to do some complimentary headshots for that  local wedding vendor to get a spot on their preferred vendor list.

– Provide some high quality social media images for a fun event, holiday or community celebration, again to drive traffic back to your webpage.

– Offer your expertise in styling or web building….

– Offer a mini how to pose for the camera to a local business group

– Be a speaker to a local moms group & talk about how to get better pics of the kids

Build Relationships

The ideas are endless….don’t forget this is about building lasting relationships that benefit both businesses. Nurture these collaborations once you develop them. Stay in touch while remembering that these business owners are just as busy as you are and while they may not have time to connect in person frequently, you do need to stay on their minds……….Simple low cost ideas for connecting and maintaining those business relationships can be as easy as taking them a morning treat or midday snack and dropping it off with a quick note.

Plan with Intent

Be organized and plan your networking ideas out. It is helpful to look at a year, a quarter or even a month and spread out you ideas. Plan to connect to one new business every quarter, and nurture your current partners every month. This way you can plot your key marketing time out and distribute it evenly so that you are driving traffic to your own business throughout the year, or targeting your slow times as well as maintains any relationships you have started.

Win Win

Partnerships and collaborations need to be a win win for both partners. Cross promoting, shared expenses on materials or promotional items, or spaces, even bartering for services can work but if the collaboration is one sided it is not going to work. One party will end up feeling used and then the relationship will go sour. Once you find the perfect business collaboration, you can make it official or not but setting some guidelines helps in some situations. For example, if you approach the doctors office and decide to take images in, where will they be displayed, who pays for them, how long will they be displayed, will they distribute collateral materials for you, what if an image gets damaged…who will replace it…. ?  Some collaborations will remain rather informal and that works too but some need to be a bit more formal.

My Recent Collaboration

I recently began a collaboration with a local boutique and I will feature them on another future blog. Stardust Boutique is a local clothing store. Here are a few images from the shoot we did a few days ago which we will use to build collateral marketing materials. I am looking forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship!

I hope this has given you some usable ideas or simple got you thinking about your marketing plan and how you can incorporate collaboration with other businesses into your business.



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Helendale High School Graduates 2020!


Helendale California
High School Graduates 2020!

I would like to extend a complimentary (free) Cap & Gown Session to any of you ACE HS Amazing Graduates who would like to come on over to my Studio in Victorville & spend about 30min. or so with me to grab some images in your Cap & Gowns!

Just message me to set up a time during the next 2 weeks!

Southern California is Graduating Seniors in Helendale with style! Friday night was a drive through Graduation ceremony for the ACE HS 2020 graduates! A great time complete with all of the usual speeches. The Graduates & their families lined up in the parking lot while the ceremony was broadcast on the radio FM 91.3. The wind was a brisk 22 miles per hour or so which challenged the tassels, hair, podium & plants on the stage! Following the graduation ceremony was a parade through Silver Wood Lakes led by the local Fire department. This Southern California graduating class was pretty amazing with the stats despite social distancing and online learning the last couple of months of the year. Congratulations Class of 2020!

Well, I’ve been ‘fraid of changin’
‘Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m gettin’ older, too

While you all are waiting for the Gallery – here are the images in a video slideshow that uploaded to my You Tube Channel a bit faster than the gallery here!

Gallery of Classmates

It was so much fun capturing your Graduation! See all of your images here. Note your number on your image for orders.

Gallery of Classmates Click Here!


Purchase Prints

1) To purchase prints complete the following order form.

2) We will email you an invoice.

3) Complete payment.

4) We will notify you by email when your prints are ready for pick up.


Thank you all so much for sharing the day!

Gallery of the other images from the Ceremony!

Phone app of classmates to download & share with friends & family!

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Epic Senior Cinematic Film Session at Southern California Sand Dunes

Epic Senior Cinematic Film

Southern California Sand dunes made the amazing backdrop for the Cinematic Film Session for this Southern California Senior! I am so excited to share these images of this amazingly talented and smart Senior later this week! But first, check out her epic Senior Cinematic Film!

Here is the Cinematic Film!


I will share the images in a separate blog post later this week so check back soon!


If you want to star in your own Cinematic Senior Film, just connect with me through my contact page!

Let me know where your dream Cinematic Photography Experience would be by commenting!





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Mojave Desert Cinematic Film Southern California

Cinematic Film

Wow! What an experience and such a fun day filming Carina in the Mojave Desert of Southern California!

The day was perfect – just like so many days here in the desert. California offers so many cool places to photograph and film but I really love the desert! Photography can be done year round – in the studio or any destination.

Here is the Cinematic Film Sharon Wallace Photography created after this amazing day here in Southern California!

Connect with me now if this is an experience you want to add to your HS Senior Photography experience!

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