Monday Mornings at the Studio-Sharon Wallace Photography


Monday Mornings

Start your Monday off with a quick review & some planning!

After my coffee & my walk with my dog Luci, I jump right into planning my week.


I do this by starting with little brainstorming of ideas. I just take a couple minutes & write on notebook paper all the things that come to my mind. From this page of possibility I move on to my goals.

Write down my weekly goals

Next, I open my planner & write down my goals for the week. I include at least 2 marketing ideas, vlog plan, blog plan, business administration time, business financial time, customer maintenance-emails etc time each day, social media plan for Facebook posting, Instagram posting, Instagram stories posting, and a list of “to do” items to accomplish these tasks.

Distribute the tasks

Then I distribute these tasks out over each day & make sure my photoshoot & sales sessions are included. I have 2 paper planners, one for home & one  for work, an acrylic monthly calendar where I can see the bigger picture & upcoming events & photoshoot, & a weekly to do list acrylic board!!! All of these visual aids help me stay focused as I am a big picture kind of girl!

Don’t forget to give yourself some weekly inspiration!!!

How do you get your Mondays rolling? Leave me a comment & let me know!!!



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