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Project Beauty

A Self Love Experience

Victorville California Senior Picture Photographer



Self Love!

Project Beauty 360

is a national Senior Photographer’s Project involving photographer’s from all across the United States. Project Beauty was created to show teenage girls that they do not have to be perfect. To show them they are uniquely individual and beautiful in their own natural ways. To celebrate their raw beauty and promote self love.

This project celebrates each individual by having a photo session with each girl, no make up, no retouching and no editing to retouch was done other than to convert the images from color to black & white, no filters, no fluff to change up the girls appearance or unique features. The girls were amazingly brave and courageous to be a part of this very first Project Beauty in our area. Image putting yourself out there in unknown territory. Being the first to set the bar, to blaze the trail for others to follow.

I am incredible proud of these girls for being the 1st!

California Senior Photographer


Apple Valley

& OakHills

Illinois Senior Photographer


West Frankfort


Johnston City

& Herrin

Project Beauty 2020 At Sharon Wallace Photography

This year was the first annual “Project Beauty” to be held by Sharon Wallace Photography. The event was held in the Victorville, California studio. Here at Sharon Wallace Photography, we hope these brave young women inspire you to step out of the box society places on you, and to explore and experience self love.

As a Senior Photographer who photographs teens, it is important that we help to support a healthy vision of what being a teenager is, to celebrate the unique beauty there is everyone and to help our teens understand the pressures and imagery put forth in social media and in our society. We can all do our part to support teens. This Project is all about empowering our youth to be self accepting. Thanks for supporting our local teens! Feel Free to show them some love and support by leaving a comment here on the blog.



Quotes from the girls!



“The Project Beauty Experience was rally cool. It was scary at first to put myself out there but I had an amazing time!”



“I usually don’t like going out in public without makeup, especially without putting eyebrows on. I’m always insecure about having no eyebrows. But, when I saw the photos of me with out any makeup on or eyebrows, I’m not as insecure about it now as I was before.”





Sharon Wallace Photography hopes to grow Project Beauty each year and support many more teens in celebrating their own individual unique qualities. This experience is unlike any other. The teens all had positive reactions and we hope to spread this celebration of self love in the future. 



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