Senior Photography in Southern California Desert

Mojave Desert of Southern California Senior Photography

A Senior photography session in the Southern California Desert is a nationally desired experience. Here at Sharon Wallace Photography we lovel to get out in the Mojave Desert and experience photo shoots with our awesome Seniors. There is such a variety of places to shoot and a wildly diverse amount of amazing locations.

Southern California Kelso Sand Dunes

Southern California may be known for it’s beautiful beaches, surfing, and volleyball in the sand, but there is more sand to explore in the deserts as well. On this warm spring day, we headed out to the Kelso Sand Dunes. The sun was bright and the sky was blue. The temperatures were rising as we walked out into the dunes. Spring time is definitely one of the best times to hit the dunes as the temperature reached 117 this day and it can become unbearable on into May & June. The bright sun made some really cool patterns as it streamed through the straw hat. A really unique and rare feature exists here at these dunes in Southern California. The Kelso Dunes are one of the few “booming” or “singing” dunes. If you listen as the wind blows the silica grains of sand across each other, they sing or boom.

Kelso Depot Mojave Desert

Kelso Depot provided the perfect location to get some amazing edgy shots in for the day and was a few degrees cooler in temperature. What’s not to love about these amazing Zebra striped pants? I love the Kelso Depot and it’s place in history. While we were photographing under the overhang of the depot a freight train came barreling by and provided the best atmosphere for shooting at the station.



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