Sharon Wallace Photography: How To Fly With Photography Equipment

How To Fly With Photography Equipment?

You may be asking yourself “How do I fly with my gear & get it there in one piece?”

Well, if you have ever boarded a plane with your gear, spent the day bumping around in flight & running through the airport, only to arrive at your ultimate destination & hear the sickening tinkle of broken glass when you pick up your bag, then you know what I am about to share is important…..

One word – Pelican!

I recently met up with Court Anderson & his delightful dad in their Pelican Color Case Showroom in Carlsbad, CA to look at the cases & pick the one perfect for me. Now, I have to admit I had done the usual online looking at sites, You-tube videos etc. & I thought I knew what I wanted….but just to be sure my Nikon D200 f/2.0 would ride comfortable, I called them & asked to stop by for a test drive.



Court & his dad gave me a warm welcome and had the very case I thought I wanted out ready for me to try out, (black with red handles & latches). I asked a gazillion questions. Court showed me all my options for liners like the Trek pac. Ultimately I choose the 1510 black case with red handles. The grey insert & a gadget bag insert for the lid. Can I just say I am tickled pink!




Just look at this warehouse of color!


Pelican cases are indestructible & if it does break they will replace it. Lifetime here folks.

The case is waterproof, and has a gasket especially made to equalize the pressure.

I definitely will be visiting Pelican Color Case again!!!



Now I did the roller skate wheel hack so I will let you know how that turned out!

In the case right now, 2 Nikon full body cameras, the D810 & the D700, the Nikon 200mm f/2.0 -(the beast), Nikon 24 f/1.8, 50 f1/2, 85 f/1.8, the Nikon 135 f 2.0DC & the 105 f 2.0DC, the Sigma 35mm, the Nikon speed light SB910, Pocket Wizard triggers Flex & the Mini, batteries, chargers, cards, lens caps, etc. Wow, it holds alot!!! This little case will get me to my destination safely!


Thanks Court! Awesome Customer Service!

To see more of what my preferred gear is – stay turned… Next week I will walk you through “What’s in my bag”!





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