Top 10 Senior Summer Shoot Ideas

Top 10

Senior Summer Shoot Ideas


Are you a Senior looking for Summer Senior Portrait Ideas? Parent? or Photographer Looking for inspiration?

Well, here are my TOP 10 Summer Shoot Ideas!

No. 1 – The Fence

This image was taken along a fence in San Diego at Shelter Island along the bay. I love how the boats are in the background. This was taken at sun set with the sun just behind the hillside in the background. This gave a beautiful backlight to the image.

There is nothing easier or more fun than working a fence. You can find fences along roadsides, parks, ball diamonds, schools, even backyards. Just look around to find one!


No. 2 – The Desert

This photo was taken in the local Mojave Desert of Southern California.


No. 3 – The Beach

Southern California has so many beautiful beach options! This image was taken at La Jolla Beach Cove. The perfect place to get beautiful sand, water & bluffs in the image. You can see the water highlighting in her eyes. Beautiful textures & colors.


No. 4 – The Backyard

Don’t worry if you think you might not have the perfect place to shoot. Most anywhere, even the backyard can provide some shade & interesting textures. This image looks like it was straight out of the jungle – but in reality just a shady yard space.

No. 5 – Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Get on trend & check out your local establishments like laundry mats, coffee shops or other boutiques. They make for unexpected but fun places to shoot! This image was taken through the window for added texture & fun!

No. 6 – The Botanical Garden

If you are wanting a variety of beautiful blooming plants in your image then you should check out your local nursery or botanical garden. This image was taken in a butterfly garden at a local botanical garden. Such a fun place to have a photoshoot! In addition the boho styling really complimented the look!


No. 7 – The Book Store

Another really neat Top 10 place for a Senior Summer Photo Shoot is the local library or book store. I just love the colors & textures of books in the background & you can get some really amazing images with all those books! Pick a book to match the Seniors mood, or pick a color to really enhance the Seniors eyes.

No. – 8 The sidewalk

Sidewalks can be found almost in every city. Find a really cool spot to try out some photos & I am sure you won’t be disappointed. This image we turned to black & white to really bring our the contrast and textures in the image.


No.  – 9 A dock

A wooden sidewalk or dock adds some really cool texture to a Senior Summer photo shoot. Check your local ponds, marinas or board walks. This image was taken in San Diego along a marina.

No. 10 – Leaning on a pole or tree.

Interacting with a pole, tree or even the side of a building Is a really nice way to give the Senior something to interact with. I love this beautiful image of the Senior leaning against a light pole.


For more ideas to get your creative juices flowing, check out these images. Perfect Senior Summer Photo Shoot Top 10 ideas! Just make sure you are keeping the Senior safe when you pick your location. I hope this post & these images give you some inspiration for your Senior Summer Photo Shoot!


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