Top 5 Tips for Sharper Images

Top 5 Tips for Sharper Images

Are you frustrated with consistency in the sharpness of your images? Would you like a solid approach to sharp images? Perhaps you bought that new awesome lens & now you can’t seem to get it to focus? Well, I have some tips to help you achieve sharper images!


First, start with a solid base to reduce camera shake.

Position yourself solidly, hold your camera with your left hand, elbow tight against your body. Take your time…Be aware of your breathing… You can lean on a fence, or a wall a building for more stability. Take this one step further & use a Tripod, even an external shutter release.

Second, use auto focus & a single focus point.

Yes, shoot in manual mode for your shutter, aperture, ISO, shutter speed settings but use your cameras auto focus setting. This is a different setting than “shooting in manual or auto mode.” Most new cameras have a multitude of focus points, but when trying to nail your focus in portrait work, use a single point & focus on the closest eye.


Third, ISO – how low can you go?

Shoot in the lowest ISO setting for the situation & you can go & you will have less grain or pixelation in your image which will make them appear sharper. If you need to bump up your ISO, then do so, but ensure your exposure is spot on!

Fourth, Aperture

Aperture also controls depth of field, so when shooting groups of people, all their heads need to be on the same plane  or within the focused plane distance. You can increase your aperture to f/5.6 or f/8 to help get a larger piece of the death of field within the focal plane.

Fifth, Shutter Speed Matters!

The faster your shutter speed the less likely to have camera shake. Start with 1/focal length..even more is fine so for a 100mm lens, 1/100. Some say to double this….

Other things I do are to calibrate all my lenses, use back button focus, shoot a stop or two above the maximum aperture, (so for a lens with maximum aperture of 1.4, try f/2 or f2.8 this range might be sharper than totally wide open). Additionally, this will give you a tad more area for depth of field especially if you shoot with a long lens like my beloved 200 prime. Lastly, I will just add to practice these techniques & in this case typically you get what you pay for….the higher the price the higher the quality of equipment…  As always please. Let me know if you have specific questions & hope this helps you get sharper images.

Enjoy & happy shooting!





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